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Clay Kitchenware Pots
Clay Kitchenware Pots

Clay Kitchenware Pots are made from the richest-grade raw materials by our adept craftsmen. The pots are easy usable to cook & wash. In cooking the clay pots the foods will be healthy. Clay pots preserve the taste of food to eat. Various models are available.

Food cooks with a minimum of liquid and no additional fat. Food browns in clay, even with the lid on. More of the essential nutrients and vitamins are retained in foods cooked in clay pots because food cooks in a closed environment with limited liquids.

The ridges on the bottom of clay cookers elevate the contents to help the steam encircle the food and assist in totally browning the meat. As long as you don’t overfill the cooker, your oven will remain clean. Clay cookers may be used in the microwave very successfully.

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